Events and Music

MOVE MOVE During the summer season the camping schedule also includes theme nights and musical events (live music, piano bar and dance): the scenario is that of the new platform, a few steps from the sea. The events on the billboard are visible on the information boards distributed in the various areas of the Camping: […]

Always on line

FOR YOUR APP YOU NEED ONLY A CLICK Camping Bocca di Cecina offers its guests a wi-fi connection to stay connected! In the different areas there are hot spots from which you can access. To start browsing it is necessary to introduce the password, available for free at the reception.

It’s time to barbecue

THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT MOMENT Inside the Camping there are several areas for the barbecue where you can prepare excellent grilled: meat or fish depends only on you! Each area is equipped with several stoves in order to allow everyone to use the embers for the time necessary for the best cooking of […]


VOLTERRA: THROUGH THE TUSCAN COUNTRYSIDE We leave the sea behind and head towards the interior of the region: the road is comfortable and the uniqueness of the landscape deserves to be seen at least once. Here are some trivia from Wikipedia: the city, famous for the extraction and processing of alabaster, was one of the […]

Private beach

AMONG A FEW REMAINED CAMPS Camping Bocca di Cecina has a privileged access to the sea and offers its guests everything needed to spend an unforgettable holiday. BLUE FLAG 2019 Taken from the Tirreno this year: “a confirmation more than welcome and that affects the entire coast of the Lower Val di Cecina, from San […]


POPULONIA: A DIVE IN HISTORY The oldest part is located on one of the dominant promontories of the area, directly overlooking the Gulf of Baratti: a true spectacle of nature. Here are some trivia from Wikipedia: it was in antiquity one of the largest and most important Etruscan and Roman cities. near the present inhabited […]

Elba island

ELBA ISLAND: A RIDE TO THE TUSCAN ARCHIPELAGO The Island of Elba is located a few kilometers from the coast and is part of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park. Here are some details taken from Wikipedia: it is the largest of the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago; the terrain is very varied, and divided into […]

The territory of Maremma

THE MAREMMA: AN INCREDIBLE VARIETY OF TASTE The Maremma is a geographical area between Tuscany and Lazio that overlooks the sea: the uniqueness of the territory is unmistakable and thanks to this there are excellences on the territory both in the culinary and naturalistic fields. Here are some details taken from Wikipedia: in addition to […]


FLORENCE: PERFUME OF HISTORY AND CULTURE Being at Camping Bocca di Cecina and not visiting Florence would be a shame! In just over an hour’s drive you can be with your eyes turned to the sky to admire the works of this beautiful city known all over the world. Here are some trivia from Wikipedia: […]


LIVORNO: BETWEEN BUSINESS, ART AND HISTORY This city undoubtedly deserves a visit that, thanks to its characteristics, will leave you with open eyes. Below, some trivia from Wikipedia: it is located along the coast of the Ligurian Sea and is one of the most important Italian ports, both as a commercial and tourist port; among […]