A few kilometers from the Camping there are 3 small villages to visit: the elements that unite these places are history, the culture of food and a unique view for incredible photos.
Some references taken from Wikipedia:

  • Montescudaio: it is located in the Val di Cecina and is part of the Pisan Maremma. About ten kilometers from the coast, it is included among the most beautiful villages in Italy;
  • Guardistallo: it is among the Cities decorated to Military Valor for the War of Liberation having been awarded the bronze medal for the sacrifices of its populations and for its activity in the partisan struggle during the Second World War. On June 29, 1944, on the eve of the arrival of the allied troops, the country was the scene of a massacre perpetrated by German soldiers in which they found the death of 63 people, mostly civilians;
  • Casale Marittimo: it was the castle and the main center of the area under the counts of Gherardesca. Nominated as early as 1004, in 1406 it came under the Florentine dominion, following its fate. In 1684 it was given in fief to Ridolfi and in 1738 it became part of the Riparbella marquisate.
    At the plebiscite of 1860 for the annexation to the Kingdom of Sardinia (Kingdom of Italy from 1861) out of 320 voters there was only 1 vote against.
    In 1862 the municipality, until then called “Casale nelle Maremme”, was called “Casale di Val di Cecina”, until in 1900 it assumed its current name.


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