The Maremma is a geographical area between Tuscany and Lazio that overlooks the sea: the uniqueness of the territory is unmistakable and thanks to this there are excellences on the territory both in the culinary and naturalistic fields.
Here are some details taken from Wikipedia:

  • in addition to a central part, corresponding to the province of Grosseto up to the slopes of Mount Amiata and the Metalliferous Hills and up to the middle Ombrone valley (Maremma Grossetana and, in the inner part, Maremma Senese), includes the coastal strip between Piombino and Cecina (Maremma Pisana, province of Livorno) and goes to Lazio towards Civitavecchia;
  • the climate of the Maremma has Mediterranean characteristics along the coast, while it takes on more continental characteristics as it progresses inwards;
  • in Tuscany the Maremma covers about 5,000 km² of land, equal to about 1/4 of the entire region;
  • the Maremma still today shows almost all its nature of rough land, with strong contrasts, particularly fascinating colors;
  • the butteri are now guardians of the Maremma horse breed that almost no longer needs to follow the flocks during the transhumance, but is used for sport and for hippotherapy in the equipped centers and in the many agritouristic structures that have sprung up in the area.


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