We leave the sea behind and head towards the interior of the region: the road is comfortable and the uniqueness of the landscape deserves to be seen at least once.
Here are some trivia from Wikipedia:

  • the city, famous for the extraction and processing of alabaster, was one of the main city-states of ancient Tuscany (Etruria), was the seat of an important episcopal dominion in the Middle Ages with jurisdiction over a large part of the Tuscan hills;
  • the hill on which Volterra stands was already inhabited during the early Iron Age, as confirmed by the large Villanovan necropolis of the Ripaie and the Guerruccia, located on the slopes facing west and north;
  • the Roman theater was brought to light in the fifties by archaeological excavations conducted in the locality of Vallebuona. The monument dates back to the end of the 1st century BC;
  • on the Sunday before the 2nd of June each year there is the event called “UT ARMENTUR BALISTARII”, a shooting tournament with an antique crossbow, in which the crossbowmen of the Volterrana Company challenge each other to obtain the title of Prior of the Crossbowmen;
  • On June 2 of each year there is the “Palio del cero”, a tug of war competition in medieval clothes among the eight districts of the city.



All events directly from the Tourism page of the Municipality of Volterra.

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